Tara Brooks


Introducing Tara Brooks

Tara Brooks sat down with us at Art Basel this year to talk about the healing power of music. Whether it’s through production or playing, Tara’s continued passion for sharing her music knows no bounds. From being Desert Hearts and Subtract Music’s newest resident to kicking of the new year with Louie Fresco’s MEXA Records BPM party and Costa Rica’s Envision Festival along with several productions and remixes being set for release the future is filled with light for Tara Brooks as she continues to do what she loves her way and always from the heart.

How did you hear about Parties4Peace and why did you decide to support their initiative as an artist ? 

TB: I have always been passionate about our lovely underground community, as well as believing in the power of expressing ourselves through music and art, and how it can raise awareness, promote peace, healing, education, & make a significant difference in the world. I quickly discovered  Parties 4 Peace through our music and like minded community .

How do you think Music can inspire positive change in the world ? 

TB: HEALING & connection! Music is a universal language. Music has the power to touch & move us in very special & deep ways. It’s one of the very sacred things in the world that regardless of race, religion, gender, etc it can make us feel, vibrate, inspire, move, & draw emotion. It draws all people together for a euphoric & positive purpose & communicates peace, connection, chemistry, and dance. The more people focus on music & community, the more they will realize how similar we all are; we’re all made up of the same matter, and we are all celebrating the same sounds & vibrations. It is crucial that people let go of political divisiveness, hatred and bigotry, and instead choose the path of focusing upon Love.  It is crucial for us to change  this toxic negative energy & instead try to create more peaceful & harmonious  environments which will hopefully become universal values. 

Would you like to join a Peace Boat voyage for a Music & Art Peace Academy project in the future and why ?

TB: Absolutely! Using & sharing my music to  inspire awareness and educate  one another in building a healthier world  instead of being paralyzed by our tendency to dwell on disasters and heart wrenching tragedies. This music gives me a meaningful purpose and   enhances my satisfaction and  happiness. Music is such a gift and must be shared. It is a collaboration of energy exchange, allowing the artist and receiver to share a mutual reciprocated journey.This culminates in building and integrating  each other’s energy, resulting In a magical free gift with the world where we all benefit!

What does sustainability mean to you ? 

 TB: To be actively vigilant and demonstrating love for our earth by preserving our precious resources & paying attention  to  the little things, such as recycling, that we can do to maintain balance and save  our earth. We are all negligent  in our own way. No one is vigilant all the time.  but I feel it’s important to do our best & be actively promoting  and protecting animals, plants, & conserving energy on our endangered planet. 

Stephanie Dawn Hawkins