Photo by  Brian Park

Photo by Brian Park


Director of Peace Boat US
Founder of Parties4Peace
MAPA – Music and Art Peace Academy

Emilie McGlone founded Parties4Peace in Tokyo during the fall of 2002 when she lived in Japan. Through various music and art events, she organized educational programs, relief efforts and community projects with Parties4Peace in countries such as Ghana, Mexico, Cambodia, India, Argentina, Chile, Japan and El Salvador. Soon after, she began working for the International Organization Peace Boat where she is currently the United Nations liaison and Director of the New York-based office of Peace Boat US, a non-profit organization working to promote peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment through educational programs organized onboard the Peace Boat, a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on peace voyages.

By 2008, Emilie had traveled to South America numerous times onboard the Peace Boat and on her own, organizing the first PATAGONICA TOUR in Chile as an artist exchange between producers and Djs from Chile and Japan. In partnership with the local non-profit organization CODEFF (National Committee to Protect the Flora and Fauna), she developed a specific tour for artists to gain first hand knowledge about the environmental challenges that Patagonia faces today. In 2011, just before moving to New York City, the Music & Art Peace Academy or M.A.P.A. was launched in Tokyo to encourage more artists to create a culture of peace through the arts.The Peace Boat's 100th Global Voyage will visit Argentina and Chile in 2019, and will sail through the Patagonian Fjords to raise awareness about Climate Action and the Sustainable Development Goals.