Patagonica Tour


Parties4Peace: Uniting Electronic Music
and Social Activism in Chile

During the Patagonica tour, Parties4Peace organizes parties throughout Chile in seven cities: Valparaíso, Viña de Mar, Concepción, Los Andes, Santiago, and we go down to Patagonia to Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. Each city provides a unique opportunity to reach more people with our message of peace and sustainable development. In Chile, our main goal is to declare Patagonia a World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Patagonica started on the Peace Boat with the oldest environmental non-profit organizationan in Chile called CODEFF - the National Committee to Protect the Flora and Fauna. This has been our ongoing mission for over 16 years! The tour also supports one youth representative from CODEFF to join Peace Boat's "Youth for the SDGs" program. For more information visit the Peace Boat website here.


Parties 4 Peace presents: 

PATAGONICA  VOL 11 :  Feb  2019 

Michael Tello ( PillowTalk/ Touch of Class Records)

Conoley Ospovat ( Kimochi Sound / Live ) 

Eric Carson ( Bespoke Musik )

- Feb 9 - Arrive in Santiago - Dj School Chile

- Feb 10 - Punta Arenas: Chill Out Lounge @ Bar Bulnes

- Feb 11 - Travel  to Puerto Natales, Visit National Park Torres del Paine 

- Feb 12 - Puerto Natales @ Base Camp

- Feb 13 Santiago : Wed Electronico @  Santo Remedio

- Feb 14Concepcion - Dia de San Valentin @ Casa de Salud  

- Feb 15 -  Los Andes for Patio K-fe event 

- Feb 16 -  Piknic Électronik Santiago #4 | Dunares de Mantagua

- Feb 17 Valparaiso - Antüset Sunsets

- Feb 18 -  Fin


Listen to the Patagonica Tour Artist

Conoley J Ospovat ( Kimochi Sound / Live )

Eric Carson ( Bespoke Musik )


Michael Tello ( PillowTalk/ Touch of Class Records)