Alice Ai Iguchi


Introducing Alice Ai Iguchi

Alice Ai Iguchi is a Japanese DJ based in Brooklyn / Miami . She spoke to Parties4Peace about sustainability and music in the following interview:

How did you hear about Parties4Peace and why did you decide to support their initiative as an artist ? 

AAI: I saw their flyer from a party in Tokyo last year and I knew the name from since then . 
After a year I met Emilie and started knowing more about the party.
This party could inspire us to think more about our environment which is so important for all of us.
I thought it would be more than honor to play for their party to help spreading this idea . 

How do you think Music can inspire positive change in the world ? 

AAI: I believe this electronic music scene has a something very special , which I couldn't find from playing in a band .
It has more interaction on the dance floor , also between the crowd and DJ .
This interaction can share happiness , positivity and love with us ,
I experienced so many of these moments through music and it gave me an inspiration for giving these moments to the people .
Music can give you the happiness of sharing the moment , and I believe this experience could inspire you to love the world.

Would you like to join a Peace Boat voyage for a Music & Art Peace Academy project in the future and why ? 
AAI: Of course ! I love that idea of traveling the world with music . 

What does sustainability mean to you ? 

AAI: Sustainability means keeping a good balance of the society for me .
It's a good word to think about our society in the wide perspective.

Stephanie Dawn Hawkins