Our Mission


Parties4Peace (P4P) is a non-profit event production and fundraising organization that hosts music and art events to support various global initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality, and disaster relief. P4P unites people to create a culture of peace through dance and music, emphasizing collaborations with those who seek the platform to make a difference.





The Patagonica tour, seeks to raise awareness about the unprotected nature in Patagonia, a region at the southernmost tip of Chile which is currently under threat by plans to exploit the area for its natural resources. 


Youth for the SDGs Scholarship

Parties4Peace and MAPA support young people working to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Individuals ages 18-30 were invited to travel around the tip of South America with the Peace Boat and learn about the UN SDGs in an experiential study program “Peace Education and the SDGs in South America,” took place February 18-28, 2019 during Peace Boat’s 100th Voyage, sailing from Ushuaia, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile.


Music art and peace academy

The MAPA project invites individuals, organizations, musicians, artists, activists, DJs, photographers, designers, writers, actors, videographers and promoters who are interested in social and environmental issues to work together to promote a culture of peace through music and art