Supporting: "Noche de Cuatro Cuentos"

Peace Boat US worked together with one of our volunteers in Panama named Gloria Lucía Ordóñez, who helped to collect donations of children's books to be delivered to the Kuna indigenous community. We started a literacy project last July after meeting with Wago Mendez, the community leader and one of our indigenous guest speakers on the Peace Boat. We recognized the need to build a library at the Kuna Yala community center where there are hundreds of students sharing one small school building. Many of the elders in their community speak their native language - Kuna, and are illiterate in Spanish, therefore the children often grow up without having books read to them at home.

This new community-focused children's library will encourage local youth to volunteer one night a week to read to the other children. The project is called "Noche de Cuatro Cuentos" - reading 4 books each time, chosen by the children, to inspire them to read more and enjoy the power of words. Thank you to the United Nations local offices in Panama for also supporting our project and donating useful resources and educational books for the children. We look forward to watching this library grow over time


If you would like to donate a book or support this project, you can send venmo / paypal to and we will deliver the books during this summer's trip to Panama in June 2019.
Click here to learn more about SDG 4 for Quality Education and why it matters.

This is a program started from our "Youth for the UN Sustainable Development Goals" scholars with Peace Boat US / MAPA - Music & Art Peace Academy 

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Stephanie Dawn Hawkins