Eric Carson (Bespoke Musik)


The Patagonica tour seeks to raise awareness about the unprotected nature in Patagonia, a region at the southernmost tip of Chile which is currently under threat by plans to exploit the area for its natural resources. Through a touring series of electronic music events and artist exchange, the Patagonica tour hopes to raise consciousness about and support the protection of one the planet’s few remaining natural treasures. This year Eric Carson from Bespoke Musik will be joining the tour along with Conoley Ospovat from Kimochi Sound and Michael Tello from PillowTalk/Touch of Class Records.

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A born and bred Brooklyn DJ/Producer, Eric Carson is a classically trained musician who has honed a unique style from an array of influences having been immersed in the NYC underground scene since the days of Twilo and Vinyl in the late '90’s.

Playing from the heart, his selections are deep, melodic grooves that focus on creating atmosphere and moving the dance floor. Joining the Brooklyn-based collective Bespoke Musik several years ago as a Resident, Carson has since caught the ear of world-renowned powerhouses in the electronic music scene, with one procuring him a ticket for his first Burning Man experience in 2016.

Last year Carson made his debut at Output and the Brooklyn Mirage in New York, performed on the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man and has a number of solo and collaborative releases planned for 2019.

Tell us about your music, what do you like to play ?

EC: I tend to gravitate toward deep house and groovy, melodic techno records and my upcoming releases will also be along those lines. My sound has been ever-evolving over time and is derived from a wide range of influences, but one constant remains which is that I select and produce music with the dance floor in mind.

How did you get involved with Parties4Peace ?

EC: I have been familiar with Parties4Peace for many years and have always admired their pairing of the celebration of art and music with the promotion of sustainability and protection of the planet. I’m thrilled to be a part of that and to play on this tour!

How do you think that music and art can help create a better world ?

EC: I believe it’s important for artists to use their platform to become role models and to send positive messages in order to influence change for the better on a global scale. I see it as a privilege and a gift to be able to travel and to share music that I love with different people. It always amazes me how, as people, we can be from various cultures, backgrounds and from worlds away, and at the same time find a common thread through love for the same music.

What excites you about going to Chile for the Patagonica tour with Parties4Peace ?

EC: This will be my first time in South America and I’m really looking forward to being in nature, experiencing the culture, architecture, local food and meeting some new friends in the underground music scene down there.

What does the word "sustainability" mean to you ?

EC: To me it’s changing the way we live in order to minimize our impact on the environment, now and for future generations. I feel it’s crucial that we spread the word and educate people on the subject because there’s a lot of people out there that are simply unaware of what’s really happening. If informed, millions of small changes in these people’s lifestyles would result in major shifts toward improving the health of our planet. So in other words, instead of posting a selfie at the beach, post a picture of all the garbage washing up on it from the ocean and be conscious of what you use and where it will eventually end up!

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