Matt Postrel


How did you hear about Parties4Peace and why did you decide to support their initiative as an artist?

MP: I heard about P4P through some friends in the music scene. I’m always looking to help those in need how ever I can. P4P is a fun and interactive way to help raise money for education, sustainability, equality, and disaster relief. I’m in full support!

How do you think Music can inspire positive change in the world ?

MP: Music heals and brings people together. It does so every weekend in clubs and festivals around the world. Music is a universal language that people can connect with on a spiritual level.

Would you like to join a Peace Boat voyage for a Music & Art Peace Academy project in the future and why ?

MP: I would love to! It sounds like a creative and positive atmosphere. It would be an honor to be involved in a community of like-minded artists who are trying to make a positive change.

What does sustainability mean to you?

MP: To me sustainability means not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources. It also means being environmentally conscious and trying to do whats best for everyone. 

Stephanie Dawn Hawkins