Seth Hosko

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Parties 4 Peace exclusive interview with Seth Hosko

Q. When did you first learn to play an instrument ? 
I learned to play the Violin when I was five. I used to watch my uncle play, and I think at that age I really just really enjoyed making sounds and creating music. It came easy so I continued it.

Q. When choosing music, what is your preferred style?

I collect and play a lot of different music, but my selection, whether its what I listen to at home or play out for an audience, is a direct reflection of my mood and emotional state. I'm looking for music that I can wholly feel, not just hear and listen to.  When I'm selecting music, I'm also looking for something I've never heard before that would surprise my audience. Certainly subjective, but it's perfection to me.

Q. Tell us about Playdate and your parties in New York

Before we started Playdate, I disliked the fact that the longer I stayed out, the better the music i heard. It was really tiring! Sometimes it was the 9am afterparties where I heard the best music and saw the best talent play. It was frustrating how inaccessible some of this music had become. So Playdate started out of a desire to make the music we loved accessible - something I could bring my Mom to and she wouldn't fall asleep. 

Now with my friends Leah Bradley and Terron Darby, we host a monthly party at a beautiful lounge in Bushwick, Lot45, and we've recently been throwing a smaller warehouse party every couple months where we can go much later and showcase more talent. The formula for these parties is simple - talent and the best sound system we can afford. And really great lighting ;)

Q. How did you hear about Parties4Peace  ?

Pairing music with charity work is an open opportunity, and there are very few outfits in Brooklyn doing it - I'd like to see more. Parties4Peace has been a friend and mainstay in Brooklyn's scene - We've worked with them before and looking forward to doing it again!

Q. What is your passion?

My passion is sharing beauty with other people. One way I can do that is by playing music I've collected that I love and want to share. It's pretty simple :)

Q. Would you like to join Parties4Peace on tour in Patagonia, Chile or onboard the Peace Boat?

Absolutely! Music is one of the greatest gifts you can give to others. It would be an honor to share that across the world and also receive the gift of music back.

Q. Any last comments ... ?

Yes, you're doing GREAT work at Parties4Peace and please keep it up! And thank you for the opportunity to share some music with you!

Emilie McGlone